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Asset Management Services


Asset Management Services

Woodworth Core Group provides comprehensive asset management services focused on maximizing investment returns for owners.  Firm principals have the experience of being owners, possess the knowledge of property management, and the best practices of the industry’s leading management companies to deliver superior results to our clients.

We approach each asset from the owner’s perspective, ensuring the owner’s goals are achieved – from the quality of the product and service to operating profitability and return on investment.

We represent public, private, and institutional owners. Our services include court-appointed receiver service, as well as litigation and lender support.

Other Services

  • Represent the owner and assist in achieving investment objectives.

  • Monitor the hotel’s daily operations and assets as a whole.

  • Supervise management.

  • Monitor RevPAR penetration.

  • Benchmark operating results versus competitive set.

  • Manage renovation and capital expenditures.

  • Review and monitor operator compliance with hotel management agreement.

  • Review and monitor compliance with franchise agreement.

  • Review and approval of the operating budget for the hotel.

  • Coordinate monthly review meetings among hotel management team and owner’s representative.

  • Perform monthly scheduled and unscheduled property visits and inspections.

  • Monitor the bank accounts of the the hotel.

  • Review and monthly commentary on accounting and bookkeeping.

  • Monitor financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

  • Calculate the fair market value of the hotel asset on a quarterly basis.

  • Advise owner of macro conditions and exit strategy options.

  • Cost containment.

  • Internal controls.

  • Staffing, wages, turnover, and governmental compliance.

  • Yield management.

  • Sales & marketing and revenue management strategies and plans.

  • Sales pace and bookings.

  • Guest satisfaction.

  • Social media review.

  • Rebranding opportunities.

  • Insurance, both property and liability.

  • Leases and taxes.

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